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My arts is not the best ever. But I'm proud of them:iconloveblackplz::iconcharizardplz::iconraichulaplz:


The best thing you have are your love for your arts and how you love to show them:heart::iconloveblueplz: :iconraichuplz:


Scooby Doo by gibina4ever
Scooby Doo
I drew Scooby Doo for the first time. Not my best but I hope you like it :)
Mlp ~ the next CMC by gibina4ever
Mlp ~ the next CMC
The next generation of the cutie mark crusaders. Apple Fang, Wind Flash and Symphony follow their aunts hoofsteps and try many different things for getting their cutiemarks :D

I hope you like it :)

Mlp ~ Hasbro
Mlp ~ next generation royals by gibina4ever
Mlp ~ next generation royals
Name: Prince Phantom
Parents: King Sombra & Princess Luna
Gender: Stallion

Phantom is a tricky and playful prince. Whenever he gets the chance and when his parents is not around he jokes around with the guards and aunt Celestia's phoenix Philomena. At the beginning he got away with it but now everypony in the castle know that if there's a trap or jokes somewhere It's Phantom. Phantom's favourite member of the family and friends is uncle Discord. With him they can mischief a little on the ponies in Ponyville and in Canterlot. But deep inside Phantom have a good heart and he can be very helpful too. He often join his parents to royal meetings. Phantom's cutiemark is a green and purple flame. It represents his talent of the mischiefs and jokes he's very good at but they can be very good too at the right moment. Phantom was born with different wings and he's the second male alicorn after Prince Sparkle.

Name: Princess Blossom
Parent: Princess Celestia
Gender: Mare

When Blossom was just a little baby foal Celestia found her abandoned in the everfree forest when she was gonna visit Discord and his family one day. Celestia took care of the baby and since nopony else seemed to recognize her Celestia kept her and raised her as her daughter. Now when Blossom is older she's a pretty and happy princess. She doesn't know her past and Celestia think It's better that way. Blossom loves her mother very much and help her whenever she needs it. She also enjoy the garden very much and spend most of her time there with the animals when her mother can keep on her own. Sometimes Blossom gets visited by Fluttershy and they can take walkings outside in the nice nature. Blossom's cutiemark is leaves and elegant grass. It represent her talent of taking care of the nature. When she and her mom discovered that taking care of the nature was Blossom's talent she got the title from her mom as "the princess of nature".

Name: Prince Knight Shield
Parents: Shining Armor & Princess Cadence
Gender: Stallion

Knight Shield is a good and strong prince. He's fair and kind to the subjects at the crystal empire there his parents rules. He often keep contact with his cousin Prince Sparkle by letters. They write about how their royal days are and if something extra intresting happen and share their stories. Even though he's a prine Knight Shield is also a royal guard like his father. Knight Shield got his blue coat from his grandfather Night Light but a lighter shade of blue. He got his wings from his mom and it doesn't bother him that he's not an alicorn like his cousin or a unicorn like his dad. Knight Shield's cutiemark is a purple shield with crossed swords. It represent his talent of jousting and swordfighting to protect his subjects and family. He's also a good friend to Sparkle's friends in ponyville and he has a secret crush on Wind Flash.

And this was before I knew Shining Armor and Cadence got Flurry Heart so for me she's like a baby sister to Knight Shield.

I hope you like it 😊

Mlp ~ Hasbro


20 year old girl who likes music, cats, horses, comedy and scary movies and bowling.
Got this from Bionuva

(1) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.
(2) Tell you a colour you remind me of.
(3) Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
(4) Tell you which one of your OC's is my favourite.
(5) Ask you a question, and you must answer.
(6) Tell you something I like about you or your art.
(7) Give you a nickname.
(8) Tell you what am I doing right now.
(9) Tell you what food/ flavour/smell you remind me of.
(10) Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

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