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My arts is not the best ever. But I'm proud of them:iconloveblackplz::iconcharizardplz::iconraichulaplz:


The best thing you have are your love for your arts and how you love to show them:heart::iconloveblueplz: :iconraichuplz:


Napping by gibina4ever
It's been so long since I drew Spova :)

But I adore this couple so much! X3

I hope you like it :)

Sprx & Nova ~ Srmthfg, Ciro
A few hours later It's finally evening and time for the grand galloping gala. Many ponies from several places in equestria arrive to the canterlot castle for the grand event. Princess Celestia and princess Twilight stand next to the entrace and welcome all the guests. For the first time Luna is at the gala too. Sure she have her duties about visiting ponies in their dreams but she got time to join the gala too. Rarity arrive to the ballroom with her sister Sweetie Belle and her husband Fancy Pants. Rainbow Dash and her adopted sister Scootaloo just arrived to the gala after a performance with the wonderbolts. Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Fluttershy is already standing next to a table and chatting. Celestia, Luna and Twilight return to the ballroom after greeting all of the guests. While the girl were still chatting Pinkie Pie felt a hoof on her shoulder. She turns around and see her coltfriend. With a big smile she laughs and hug him. Soarin come in to the ballroom and walk over to Rainbow Dash with smile too. Flash Sentry and Spike walk over to Twilight and Applejack. All of the girls are happy to see their coltfriends and dates. So far Rarity is the only one in the gang who is married. Fluttershy felt a little left out. She was the only pony in the gang who hasn't meet the love yet. She decide to leave all the lovebirds alone for a moment and walk away to the dining table.

Two stallions have just enter the ballroom. One of them is a grey unicorn with black mane, white beard and have yellow eyes with red pupils. The other stallion is also a unicorn but he's red and black with white mane and have white eyes with yellow pupils. The grey unicorn look around and then he spots two alicorn sisters he recognize. He pat his friend on the side.

''Tirek look. There they are. Let's hear what they're planning''

''I still don't know how you got me into this. This is awful.''

''Trust me I know how you feel. I hate this as much as you do. But we have to for our king.''

''King here and king there. Seriously Discord why can't he do something on his own for once?''

''He rules a whole kingdom with queen Chrysalis. That takes a lot of his time. He can't do excatly everything''

''But he's a unicorn for pete's sake. I'm sure some magic will solve everything''

''Not everything work with magic my dear friend. Anyway let's drop that and do what we came for alright.''

Tirek mimics him in grumble

''Let's drop that and do what we came for alright''

''What was that?'' Discord growled.

''N-nothing! Let's just work now.''

''Okay. Let's split up. You Tirek walk closer to the stage and try to listen. I walk over to the dinig table and try to listen.''

''Tell me again how you got the tickets. They aren't even fake.''

''Simple. I put on a sleep spell on two ponies and took their tickets.''

''Clever as usual. Let's go''

Discord walk over to the dining table. He sees a big plant next to the table and hide behind it. He use some of his powers to listen to the princesses without them noticing. Luna and Celestia talks with Twilight and Flash. Celestia was the first one to speak.

''It's so nice that you could join us Flash. I know Twilight has been thinking about you a

Twilight and Flash blushes. Flash giggles.

''Well thanks your majesty. It's really an honor to be here. And you can't describe how happy I am to see Twilight again.''

The lavender princess smile at him.

''Well. I'm really happy that you are here too. It's been so much right now and we hardly had any time to spend with each other.''

''Indeed. It's hard with... well you know what I mean.''

Luna speak.

''We don't know when the next attack will be. But we're on our guards. We have some plans and preparations if Sombra decides to do another surprise attack''

Flash got curious.

''What kind of preparations? I'd be happy to stay and help if it needs.''

Luna nods.

''Thank you Flash Sentry. It would be really nice if you could help us. But we can't tell now when we're in public. You know Sombra. He might have spies somewhere. Fortunately we have our guards and they keep their eyes open''

Discord snorts.

''Oh you have no idea dear Luna. Hehe''

Fluttershy have just stopped by the dining table and was gonna take a piece of apple when she hear the leaves on the big plant rustle. She turns to the plant and look at it. At first she could't see anything. She takes a closer look and see something grey behind the plant. She made a small gasp. But that gasp was loud enough for Discord to hear it. He got startled and jump to the side of the plant. And then Fluttershy see him. She dropped her jaw and see a very handsome stallion. Discord catch his breath from the scaring and was going to yell at the pony but he stops once he sees her. There stands the most beautiful creature he ever seen in his life. Her buttercream fur, mane pink as roses and eyes deep turquoise like the ocean. They stare into each others eyes. A voice inside Discord's head speak to him.

''Go away. She belongs to this side of kingdom. She's not for you. Go away.''

But Discord doesn't listen. He's totally lost. The continue to stare at each other when
Discord finally open his mouth a little.


Fluttershy could also finally speak.

''Uh... hi... um... I'm s-sorry if... I scared you...''

''Oh no! No It's okay. It wasn't your fault. I-I guess I was in my own world.''

He laugh nervously. Fluttershy giggles at it.

''Oh... T-that happens... to me too... sometimes''

Discord is enchanted by her voice. So soft and soth like a little bell. Fluttershy ask him.

''S-so... what's your... name?''

He snaps himself by her question.

''Uh what? Sorry what was that?''

''Oh... sorry that I asked but... I was wondering... what your name is...''

''Ah yes. My name... um... It's... uh...''

What was he gonna say? He could't tell her his name. Then she would know that he's from the dark kingdom. That he's the lord of chaos. He have to come up with another name.

''My name is... Dissy! Yes. That's right. My name is Dissy.''


''Yes. My mom was kinda crazy and she loved really odd names. So she named me Dissy. It's silly huh?''

''No not at all... I admit.. that It's odd and... a little funny but... It's also a lovely name''

Discord is speechless.



''Wow. Thank you. Nopony has ever called my name lovely. They just made fun of me.''

''Then I guess that I'm the first one.''

Fluttershy smiles at him. He smiles at her too. Again Discord's voice in his head speak.

''Well of course she thinks your name is lovely. If she knew your real name she would scream by fear and yell''.

But again Discord doesn't listen.  

''Hehe yes. Well now you know my name. So what kind of name does a pretty mare like you have''

She blushes and hide behind her mane and whisper softly.

''Um... It's Fluttershy...'

''Sorry what was that?

''It's Fluttershy...''

''One more time please''

''*Sigh* It's...Fluttershy...''

''Fluttershy... wow what a beautiful name''

''R-really? You think so...?''

''Think? I know so. I've never heard a name beautiful as yours''

She blushes and smiles once again.


They smile at each other again. Then suddenly a hoof grabbed Discord's hoof. He turns his head to see who it is and It's Tirek.

''I got some good information. Now let's go home Dis-'''

But before he could finish Discord cover his mouth.

''Yes! You got a lot of information for our project about for a movie to a documentary about the grand gallopping gala Mr. T. Well done''

Discord winks at him and glancing at Fluttershy. Then Tirek get it and Discord put away his hoof from his mouth.

''Yes. That's... uh... right. But we better go home now so we can start working with the movie''

Tirek walks away. Before Discord follow him he takes a last look at the yellow pegasus and smiles.

''Until next time Fluttershy. Goodbye. It was a huge honor to meet. you''

He take her hoof and kiss it. She blushes again.

''Th-thank you Dissy. It was really nice... to meet you too. I... hope that we see each
other again..''

Discord's voice in his head speak again.

''Yeah not a chance. Remember wich side she's on''

But once again he doesn't listen. He smiles at her and walks away with Tirek. Fluttershy watch him until he's gone and she walks back to her friends.
Romeo and Juliet part 3
Gah! I'm so sorry for the long wait. I've been so busy with work. But here it is finally.

I hope you like it :)



20 year old girl who likes music, cats, horses, comedy and scary movies and bowling.
Got this from Bionuva

(1) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.
(2) Tell you a colour you remind me of.
(3) Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
(4) Tell you which one of your OC's is my favourite.
(5) Ask you a question, and you must answer.
(6) Tell you something I like about you or your art.
(7) Give you a nickname.
(8) Tell you what am I doing right now.
(9) Tell you what food/ flavour/smell you remind me of.
(10) Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

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